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he Faculty of Electrical Engineering consists of chairs:

  • Department of Control Engineering and Electronics
  • Department of Theoretical Electrotechnics and Metrology
  • Department of Power Electronics and Electric Drives
  • Department of Electrical Power Engineering, Photonics and Lighting Technology
  • Department of Telecommunications and Electronic Equipment

The Dean’s Office handles students’ formal matters. There are 93 people working at the Faculty. Most of them are academic teachers, including professors and doctoral degree holders.
The Faculty ranks high among the technical universities of Poland. The Faculty Council is entitled to confer the doctoral degree (PhD) and award the post-doctoral degree (DSc) in the field of electrical engineering.


At the Faculty of Electrical Engineering we offer full-time and part-time studies in the following fields:

  • Electrical Engineering,
  • Electronics and Telecommunications,

The students who attend full-time courses may complete the undergraduate level with a BSc degree or they can study for a Master’s degree. The part-time students graduate with a BSc degree. Having obtained the degree, they can undertake postgraduate studies leading to a MSc.
At the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, we offer also doctoral (PhD, 8 semesters) full-time courses in the discipline of electrical engineering.


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In 2002 the Faculty of Electrical Engineering moved to new, attractive and excellently equipped premises located centrally among the academic buildings. Lectures are held in lecture halls and practical and research classes are taught in 47 laboratories set up at the Faculty’s departments.

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We offer a wide range of facilities to our students, including the Faculty Library, computer laboratory with the access to the Internet, as well as a student’s canteen in nice, relaxing surroundings.

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Furthermore, our students may develop their interests by joining various clubs: the Academic Sports Association, the Horsemanship Club and the Mountain Climbing Club “Grań”, the BTU Choirs, the Dancing Club ”Feniks”, the Students’ Photo Agency and the Students’ Film Club “099”.

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The Faculty of Electrical Engineering provides up-to-date study courses offering great opportunities to gain thorough knowledge and skills under the guidance and tutelage of friendly and experienced academic teachers and in an attractive environment

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It is worth studying at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.